Can I power wash my grill grates?

It is not recommended for you to wash your grill grates with a pressure washer. By washing them water, you are just going to accelerate the rusting and scaling process. Everyone that I’ve talked to about doing this has said that it’s not recommended and definitely not worth the time. The best way to clean your grill grates is with a really hot fire. Put them on high for about 10-15 minutes until the grill grates are ashed up. Once they’ve been heated up, scrub the ashes off with a wire brush and season it afterwards so that it does not rust.

If you are like me and don’t like using a wire brush because you’re scared that you’ll get one of those thin little wires stuck on the food. You can always take a piece of aluminum foil, turn it into a ball, and use that as your wire brush. This method will not leave any traces of little wires behind. Of course, if you have a really good wire brush like the one I bought on amazon, then you’d have nothing to worry about.

Never use a hard steel wire brush on your cast-iron grill because this will ruin them. Always make sure that you’re using a brush with either brass or stainless steel bristles. Using a hard steel brush on your cast iron will get scratches on it and ruin the special coating that prevents the cast-iron from rusting.

What if the rust doesn’t come off my grill grates?

Rust is unavoidable and will happen sooner or later. Once you’ve tried to clean it and the rust doesn’t come off, you’ll most likely need to invest in a new set of grill grates. There’s generally two types of grill grates that you can buy; Cast Iron and Stainless Steel. Although Cast Iron grates perform much better in retaining heat, they rust very quickly, which is why if I was to recommend a set of grill grates, I would recommend a set of stainless steel grates, because they do not rust. Check out Amazon’s selection of stainless steel grill grates and choose the right one for your grill!

If you’re tight on cash, one thing you can try is to use some sort of acid to try to help and break down the rust. I’ve had to cut a lemon in half and rub the lemons on the grill grates and let the lemon juices sit on them for a few minutes, then use my wire brush with much success.

Should I use any cleaning chemicals on my grill grates?

We do not recommend using any cleaning chemicals on cast iron grill grates because it can get rid of the special chemical coating that prevents rust. NEVER use soap as soap is also very harmful and can remove this special coating. However if you have stainless steel grates, feel free to use whatever cleaning agent you want. I generally clean my stainless steel grill grates with fire then running the steel brush over them. Sometimes I use wipe them down with oil or a lemon cut in half.

How often should I clean my grill grates?

I usually only clean my grill grates right before each use. I don’t do any deep cleaning, just follow the directions above to clean them with fire. Heat them up and brush the ashes off. Now the first time you use it, it’s recommended that you season your grates. We also recommend seasoning them every few months. I generally season mine every 2 months, or after about 6 uses. Your mileage may vary on this.

How to season grill grates?

In order to season your grill grates, you want to use a high temperature oil like Grapeseed. I generally just use Canola oil because it’s easier to find. Clean your grill grates by heating them up until all the leftover residue has turned to ash. Wipe them down with oil until you have no ash/residue left. Put the grates back on your grill and bake the oil in. As the oil “bakes” on, you want to keep applying layers of oil, so that you get a thick layer built up. Once you have applied 3 coats of oil, you should be all set. Keep in mind that you will need to repeat this process any time that you give your grates a real good cleaning.


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